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The most special place to produce your films in the Dominican Republic.

Pro Capital Film Studios is the next logical step in the ascent of Louis Arriola to the top of the worldwide film production industry. Telecom mogul and real estate developer, Louis Arriola started producing films in 2014. He enjoyed immediate success with his first title, the straight-to-dvd project “Will To Love” (Starring Keisha Knight Pulliam, Marques Houston, and Draya Michelle) which proved to be lucrative with TV One buying the rights to the project immediately after post production.

After receiving instant acclaim for his debut film, he went on to executive produce ” A Weekend with The Family ” in 2016 (starring Marques Houston and Karrueche Tran) which premiered in select AMC Movie Theatres and exclusively on TV One and ” Only For One Night ” (starring Brian White, Karrueche Tran, and Angelique Pereira) which made its global premiere exclusively on BET Networks September 3, 2016. At the helm of NYLA Production, he continued to watch his projects flourish with several projects like: ” Howard High ” and ” Boy Bye “.

Once his new tv show “Up North” cleaned up virtually all the awards at Denver’s Series Fest in 2014, Louis realized there was no stopping and that the sky was the limit. Looking to reduce production costs and enhance his business portfolio, the next logical step for Louis was to open his own film studio. For this he turned to the Dominican Republic, one of the world’s fastest growing film production markets, thanks to its Film Incentives Law 108-10. Right away, he was offered import tax exemptions for all the gear and material needed as well as amazing fiscal subsidies allowing him to produce the movies he “wanted” to make no the ones he “could”.

Partnering with two of the country’s best producers, Ramon Rodriguez and Tristan Desechenes, Louis opens Pro Capital Film Studios in the heart of the Dominican capital, Santo Domingo. To test the studio’s technical capabilities, he goes on to produce 2 major local titles (Dominican movies) in 2017 “Guzbay NY” and “Cuando No Es Juan Es Juana” written by 2 of Latin Americas most prolific authors; Victor Reyes (Tuberculo Gourmet (Box Office: $1,800,000), Un Lio En Dolares (Box Office: $1,000,000) and Miguel Alcantara (Sanky Panky (Box Office: $1,000,000), Domiriqueños (Box Office: $1,000,000)) with the help of film incentive 39 of law 108-10. The film incentive, which refunds producers 25% of the total expense made on authorized productions made on Dominican territory, allows Louis to take his production to a new level, enhancing his budgets and giving them that edge to compete without needing extra money.

Both movies proved to be technical master pieces and Louis now feels ready to exploit incentive 34 of the law which allows Dominican corporations to take up to 25% of the amount they will pay the central revenue agency in income tax and invest it into authorized film productions, receiving a tax credit equivalent to 100% of the amount invested; in other words, the government pays for the production of the movie. This incentive will be a barrier breaker for both Louis and Pro Capital Film Studios allowing them to bet on larger mega-projects like “Destinos” (2018), a social cut film written by Lorenzo Dela Cruz and backed by Elaine Feliz, the country’s top youth condition expert.

Certain of the quality it can now offer through its Dominican facilities, Pro Capital Film Studios is now preparing to bring in international projects, investors, producers, actors and technology to the island. The studio was created as a one-stop-shop for film makers with a full accounting department, production offices, brain storm room, lounge, video-conference room, a 7.1 music and foley modular studio, editing studio, color correction studio, a 4k REC709 projection room, a commercial kitchen capable of cooking for 300 people on a 24 hour shift, cameras and lenses, lighting, field sound recording equipment and a permanent crew of 110 amazing producers, technicians, ADs, designers, etc… allowing creators to bring their projects at seed level with total piece of mind.

Pro Capital Film Studios brings a new element of prestige to the Dominican production industry thanks to its distribution agreements with large scale players like Netflix, AMC Theaters, TV One, BET, Universal, to name only a few. Our rigorousness and attention to detail is what makes our businesses flourish and succeed one after the other and it is what makes Pro Capital Film Studios the most special place in the Dominican Republic to produce your projects.

Ramon Maxwell

Chief Executive Officer

Louis Arriola


Tristan Desechenes

Director Of Operations

wHAT wE dO

We offer a complete Video Post process with sophisticated editing and coloring equipment and a highly trained staff with modern facilities in a central location. We offer services for any type of editing: movies, short films, music videos, commercials, infomercials and other videos.

The execution of everything established in a good preproduction is essential. One thing goes hand in hand with the other. We have a seasoned production team and a crew of technicians with real on-set experience and modern and sophisticated equipment: Cameras / Lights / Lenses / Dolly / Steady Cam / Cranes / Car Mounts / Drones / Booms / Lavaliers / Video Assist / Data Load. Everything you may need to make your project and a technical staff with an unlimited artistic vision, ready to make your ideas a reality whatever it be.

A movie’s preproduction is the process that ensures that your project complies with the parameters established at the artistic level, budget and dramatic execution. Undoubtedly, it is the most important of the three production processes because it is necessary that it be absolutely accurate for the sake of the entire project. If it is not perfect, everything else staggers and the project is submerged in complications with an inevitable headache that does not allow you to carry out the successful conclusion of your film. With Pro Capital Film Studios you can forget about headaches. We do the whole process of preproduction at all levels: breakdown of the script, preparation of the filming plan, legal management, presentation folder for DGCINE, preparation and search of the appropriate cast for the project (Casting), locations, hiring of technical staff Adequate, planning and production design, everything you need to be fully prepared at the time of filming.


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